Avoiding Facebook Scams

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More and more these days Facebook seems to be full of scams designed to get you to enter lots of personal information, and even sometimes your bank details. We come across new ones all the time, but below there are a few of the more common ones we’ve seen recently.
Lots of them are of the type that seems to offer you something great for free. Seemingly, all you have to do is click on the link and enter some information. If you see something like this then don’t comment on it, as that will draw attention to it, meaning other people might click on it. The best thing to do is report the post to the group admin / to Facebook. If you are a group admin then you can delete the post.

A little while ago we saw “Free £500 Asda vouchers” (also Tesco and Sainsburys etc.)  that the supermarkets were apparently just giving away to everyone for nothing. A few seconds of thought should have told anyone that these were completely fake. If supermarkets were really giving hundreds of pounds away to everyone who requested them, then they’d be out of business the following day.

More recently there have been lots of scams which tell everyone about a big company who are giving away a free product for their anniversary of founding, or for some other special occasion. e.g “Apple are giving away a free iphone to everyone who completes this survey to celebrate their birthday”

Here are a few other the ones you need to avoid the link text has been scribbled out in case anyone is tempted to search them out, but they are usually totally meaningless  and of the form “qhry346dh.xyz” for example. Others sometimes try to put the name of the company into the link to make it look a bit more legit, but still look totally weird. the bottom, Tesco pic is an example of this:










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