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From Monday 21st July at 9am, until  the end of the day on Monday 8th September:

You will be able to exchange £5 in Clubcard vouchers for £10 of tokens to spend towards F&F.

This should work especially well for school uniforms, which you can currently get, starting from £2.50. So if you have any clubcard voucher points then this would be the time to use them.


Clubcard Boost your vouchers on School Uniform*

Exchange every £5 in Clubcard vouchers into £10 of tokens to spend towards F&F.
Starts: 09:00 Monday 21st July
Ends: 23:59 Monday 8th September.






Also at Tesco, you can  get a school uniform from AND have it embroidered with the correct badge starting from £3.75

This includes free delivery AND you get clubcard points too. The school will also receive a 5% donation for all sales

There are lots of schools on the list there, and you can nominate for a school to be put on the list. So if you happen to need one not on the list, just apply for it to be added.




PLUS The code UES2014 means you will get £5 off when you spend £25 on your first order at Tesco (ends 28/2/15)

See this page for more vouchers from all areas of Tesco




Before 21st July, you can also take advantage of the current special offers, where you can also get up to 4 times the clubcard voucher value on selected offers. This includes things like trips, hotels, restaurants, fun days out, Tesco Hudle tablets & accessories, and home & garden essentials. Click here for details. Or on the pic below:


The clubcard boost special offer will also work on other Tesco F&F clothing items. To take advantage of this, see this post for more details:

Big Tesco F&F final Clearance sale



You can exchange every £5 of your Clubcard vouchers into £10 of Boost tokens to spend at F&F. What is included:  All clothing, everything on F-F.com/uk, Footwear, Nightwear, Swimwear, Underwear, Accessories, F&F Jewellery, Uniform Embroidery Service and School Uniform. What is not included: All other Jewellery, Watches and Fancy Dress purchases from Tescoparty.com. Visit www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/boost-at-tesco/ to collect tokens and start shopping.

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