Electric Hover Boards

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These are hard to find under £200 – but there’s an ebay shop doing these for £89.59 & £59.99 delivery (from China)
**EDIT** If the first listing runs out of stock there is another one to try – (the link has now been updated on the website, as it is also slightly cheaper now) – £89.96 & £55.99 delivery.
The facebook post has an edit to it, although clicking the picture will take you to the ‘old’ link, which only has a small number left in stock right now.

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As these come from China, there is a sometimes a little bit longer for delivery – the estimates at the moment are about a week though, so looks like a much better service than some others I’ve seen. The dimensions are also about the same size as most of the other ‘hover boards’, slightly longer even, but with smaller tyres

Dimension: 610 x 230 x 210mm

– Pedal height: 90mm

– Tire size: 4.5inch

It does say Maximum load is 60kg ( 133 lbs – nearly 10 stone). So looks like these are a bit bigger compared to the other version- meaning more space to stand on, with slightly smaller wheels and supports a bit less weight. – so depending on how heavy the person is, I’d say from Teenagers down this would be suitable for

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These are hard to find under £200 – but there’s an ebay shop doing these for £89.59 & £59.99 delivery (from…

Posted by Discounts and Bargains on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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