Get £20 of the Hudl 2 Tablet

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Get this for just £80 using a voucher code (see below)

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The Hudl2 is currently £99 at Tesco. Use the Coupon Code: TDX-LKJ3 (£20 off on £100 spent) to knock £20 off the price, BUT – you have to add something else worth £1 to bring the total to £100 first. See a full list of elegible items, starting at just £1.46 -here-
There are a few decent items in there too, like a headphone splitter for £3, so you can entertain 2 kids, watching cartoons, on the Hudle at the same time and still have some quiet in the room. Or there’s a nice deal on an 8GB memory stick for £4.
These items are also available on Clubcard boost too – so if you have any clubcard vouchers saved up – you could get this for only £40 worth of clucard points. Now that’s a top bargain.

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