Hudl 2 Cheapest Price Yet

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Tesco are now offering the Hudle 2 via Tesco Groceries

There is a bit of a possible price glitch at the moment, meaning you can get it for just £80, making it the lowest price so far for a brand new Hudl 2.

To get it for £80 use the voucher code: XXH7GL and add a £1 filler item

If you have a look on the Tesco site -here- you will see the Hudle currently available for £99 through the Groceries section.

The voucher code is for £20 off when you spend £100, but you also have to be a “new customer”….so if you are currently reading this and thinking “damn, I’ve ordered from Tesco online before”, then don’t worry. If you have access to any other email address you can simply head on over to Tesco -here-  and sign up with Tesco again. Bingo – you are now a “new customer” and can use the voucher. You could also use your partner, your mum, or even your dog’s email address if you wish, as long as it makes you a new customer in the eyes of Tesco.

If you don’t have a ‘spare’ email address, it takes about 1 minute and 32 seconds to create a new email address through a free service such as yahoo, gmail, or outlook. Once you have done that you can use it to sign up to Tesco again as a new customer.
Now – the voucher code (XXH7GL) works if your order comes to £100. So what you need to do is find a £1 filler item.
For example, you can get this for £1, which is also a great deal: Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner 38 Washes (usually £3.50)  – it is on secial offer at £2, but using another code: GRKKKJ makes it just £1.


If you want to do it the exact same way as detailed here, then simply log in, and come back here, click -here- to go to the fabric conditioner and add it to your basket (or add whatever other £1 item you can find to your basket). Then go to the hudl2 section -here- and choose which hudl2 you want, then add it to your basket too. Enter the codes below at the checkout stage and when they apply you will see the total price come down to £80







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