PS4 Plus 3 Games

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On Tesco Direct right now- you could grab a PS4 (plus 3 games) for just £334 using 2 special deals that are running together, and a voucher code.













Some PS3s on their own weren’t that much different in price just last year. So if you were planning to get a console for Christmas- this is the time to pounce, as it is unlikely you will get this much, this cheap again, until well into next year.

You need to add all the items separately in the basket in order for the deals to stack, and get this price- but works out at a PS4 AND 3 games for £334.

Add each of the following items separately:

PS4 Console – currently on offer at £349
Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition – normally £44
Fifa 15 – normally £44
Minecraft – Normally £14

See this screenshot of what your basket should then look like:


This will drop the price £104
There is also an existing customer code (does not work for all- might be region specific) TDXR-WRTP which gives £15 off £75 bringing the price down to £334 (£117 discount).

If you can’t get that code to work properly, then there is a new customer code (just sign up again with a new email address to get it to work)  TDX-HTRW that gives £10 off £50 




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