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If you have ever been on holiday somewhere you couldn’t get a signal, or even can’t get a decent on where you live, then this might be something for you.

I was recently on holiday and let’s just say it was a bit of a signal black-spot. I had unlimited internet allowance on my sim card, but it was no use as I could not get a signal anywhere. My wife was getting a signal on EE, but she did no have unlimited data allowance. The resort wanted £15 a day to use their wifi (which we could barely detect a the best of times and kept disappearing) – so this left is with a bit of a dilemma.

Now we’re back, and I’ve had the chance to do some research, I know what we should have done:  Taken our own wifi hotspot with us. For less than the cost of 2 days worth of the resorts trrible wifi, we could have had a device which we would be able to keep using, a good connection to EE (after checking- only EE and 3 had a decent reception where we were staying) and plenty of data allowance. Even more data for a little bit more money too. After the inital cost, all we would need to do next time is buy a sim card pre loaded with data allowance, for under a tenner on any future trips away. It might even be worth buying one sim from each network just in case. It would still be far cheaper than forking out for the expensive and rubish resort wifi (which also had lots of restrictions in the small print). Then either use one phone as a hotspot, and connect all other devices, or get a separate portable dongle.

So, with all that in mind, here are some good bargains I have found on the things you will need to take your own wifi with you. If going abroad you can also just get any sim card that will work in that country, but I’m going to stick to UK sim cards here.

MOCREO 5-in-1 Portable WiFi Hotspot

61gor5GexNL._SL1200_Almost a third off right now at £21.29. Check the widget below to keep track of any price changes:
This device is great as just a portable charger, The 5200mAh Lion battery should let you charge your phone several times over, but it does so much more too. It is a Wi-Fi Access Point & Router; Power Bank Battery Charger; Wi-Fi repeater; 3G Wi-Fi hotspot; and a Network Storage Server.

FLOUREON® Mini 3G Wireless Network WiFi USB Hotspot Router Power Bank (5200mAh, Red)

412rk8w5WNLOnly £15.99 right now.
This also has a huge 5200mAh Li-ion backup battery & will connect up to 20 decvices that can all share the wifi at the same time.


EE 4G 2GB Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Combi Sim


Over a third off. Now £7.75 for this sim card which comes with 2Gb of data, at 4G speeds. Also comes in 6Gb, which can be had from £14.99 (check out the “other sellers” option).


Three Mobile Broadband Ready to Go 1GB Preloaded Data

If the 3 network looks best where you are going to be, then £7.95 will get you 1Gb worth of data. Again, more is available if you are willing to spend a little more.


If you are really after unlimited data, then this might be the one to check out:


Three Pay As You Go SIM Card with Adapters (Preloaded with 300 minutes, Unlimited Data and 3000 texts)

At £14.40 delivered this is a very good deal for mobile data, and it also comes with some minutes and a lot of texts on top too. It lasts for 30 days from when you activat it, so keep it safe until you need it.


If you need to get an O2 sim card then this is about the best deal I can find :

Brand New O2 PAYG 3G/4G Simplicity for Tablets Sim Card – 3GB Data

£11.49 for 3Gb of data is pretty good, so if you need O2 then this is a great deal:

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