Tesco Baby & Toddler Event

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The Tesco Baby & Toddler Event is on.


Lots of great savings, as well as BOGOF and 3for2 on things like nappies, toys, pushchairs, cots and much much more.

Don’t forget to look on our Tesco Vouchers section to see if you can save even more.

You can also use clubcard points, and these are on boost at the moment, so they are worth double. So £5 of clubcard points gets you £10 of stuff 🙂 See our post on clubcard points for more info on the boost.

























EDIT:  Due to there being two offers on some nappies running at once- the BOGOF and 3 for 2 offers are combining. People have been getting things like 78 nappies for 99p and £29.97 worth for just £9.99. Better grab them now before Tesco realise and fix the glitch. Either that, or they run out of stock. Although I am sure from a big shop like Tesco, stock would be available again within hours if they do run out. See this page on Tesco Direct – or click on the screenshot below, for a list of nappies and wipes that seem to be covered by this price glitch. There may be more, so keep a look out.
























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