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We will be collecting details of free sim card offers on this page.


First up today we have EE, who offer a free sim with lots of different choices depending on whether you want more data, texts, call minutes, or a mixture. These sims can be amazingly handy to have around incase you run out. Even just getting the Data top-up for £1 can keep you going for a few days.



Whether you’re after loads of minutes and texts or need a big data allowance to do everything online, there’s a pack for you.
If you’ve got a 4G phone, there’s no extra cost for using superfast 4GEE.

There are several options you can choose for your EE Free Sim

Some of these are listed below.



If you use your phone all the time to catch up with friends and family for a chat, for emails or for sharing photos on Facebook, these packs will give you big allowances of minutes, texts and data at a great price.
Pack cost Minutes Data Texts Every
£10 150 500MB Unlimited 30 days
£15 500 2GB Unlimited 30 days
£25 1000 4GB Unlimited 30 days


If you want loads of minutes and texts, these packs are for you. Our £1 pack gives you the best value pay as you go in the UK with 25 minutes and 50 texts a week.
Pack cost Minutes Texts Every
£1 25 50 7 days
£10 250 Unlimited 30 days
£15 750 Unlimited 30 days

If you want to go online, we’ve thrown in 10MB of data on all our Talk and Text Packs.


Choose the Data Pack if you use your phone to do everything online especially when it comes to staying in touch with your mates. You get a big data allowance at a low, low price, and you won’t find 4G for less anywhere else in the UK.
Pack cost Data Minutes Texts Every
£1 100MB 10 10 7 days
£10 1GB 50 50 30 days

Giffgaff have been around for a few years now. If you order by clicking on the banner below you will even get a free £5 credit applied to your account. Get a free giffgaff Sim You don’t have to go for that particular offer – There are loads of options, and all are 30-day rolling contracts which you can cancel at any time. Here are a few of their offers: